What I Learned as a Glamour Summer Shopper (and, Oh, the Perfect Back-to-Work Outfit for Under €145!)

As a summer intern at Glamour, one of my favorite daily rituals is passing by the fashion closet. That room is just as fabulous as it sounds. The shoes, the bags, the sweaters, the dresses…I have to admit, walking by racks of gorgeous clothing on the way to my desk really hasn’t been good for my shopping addictio…er, habit.

As tempting as it is to go out and buy every trend I see, one of the best parts about my daily walk-by is getting to see what’s coming up in the fashion world. Since magazines shoot a couple of months ahead of when the clothes actually get to stores, I got a sneak peek at how runway looks translate into real life.

But now, alas, it’s my last day. Time to take what I learned here at Glamour and bring it back to school. Here is my outfit for day one of my fall semester:

One of my favorite looks for this fall is a the utilitarian style. I’ve always been a fan of cargo green, but I never thought I’d be itching to buy something camo. The print on this relaxed sweater, though, makes it seem cozy and trendy, not harsh and tacky.


As sad as I am to be leaving Glamour to head back to school, having a fab new outfit to transition into it makes it a little easier. I’ll be working my new go-to fall sweater tossed over a white button-up and skinny jeans, and finishing off the look with cute ankle boots and a bright bag.

Oh, and did I mention the grand total for all six pieces is €145?

1. Sweater, Urban Outfitters, €59, urbanoutfitters.com; 2. Oxford Shirt, €15, Target, target.com; 3. Jeans, €7.80, Forever 21, forever21.com; 4. Bracelet, €6, Charlotte Russe, charlotterusse.com; 5. Bag, €27.20, Olivia + Joy, 6pm.com; 6. Ankle Boots, €29.99, Target, target.com


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