Rodrigo Santoro: the breathtaking Brazilian

Rodrigo Santoro is a gorgeous and talented Brazilian actor. Born on August 22nd, 1975 in Petrópolis (Rio de Janeiro), he was studying journalism when he decided to attend an acting workshop at TV station “Rede Globo”. That was just the beginning of his successful on-screen career, which started with a national scope but soon conquer new horizons.

He appeared in the American production “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and in the English film” Love Actually “, was Paul in the third season of “Lost” and was the villain King Xerxes I of the Canadian film “300”.

Rodrigo in the movie "300"
Rodrigo in “300”

He also worked in the film “I Love You” alongside Jim Carrey.

Rodrigo Santoro and Jim Carrey in
Rodrigo and Jim Carrey in “I love you”

Rodrigo Santoro acted with actress Nicole Kidman in the millionaire commercial for a perfume by Chanel.

Rodrigo in the Chanel commercial
Rodrigo in the Chanel commercial

In 2006 Rodrigo was ahead of Brad Pitt in the ranking of world’s sexiest men by “People” magazine. He continues to shine in Brazilian and international movies, and one of his latest works was as supporting actor alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “The Last Stand”.

Rodrigo Santoro with Arnold in
Rodrigo with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Last Stand”

No doubt Rodrigo has many stories to tell. If you are into movies and don’t mind a bit of an eye candy, then you should definitely check his movies out!

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