Havaianas: the ultimate flip flops

Havaianas are the ultimate Brazilian flip flops! And today they can be found in over 80 countries, exports reaching an incredible 22 millions of pairs per year.

Havaianas 1

Havaianas were “born” in June 8th 1962 and inspired by the Zori, Japanese sandals made ​​of rice straw or wood. The first robber flip flops were simple and inexpensive, which lead to the production of 13,000 pairs per day in less than a year. For 30 years the sandals were associated to the lower and financially disadvantaged social class.


In 1991 the Havaianas Sky model, with its bold colors and unique design, was released in the Brazilian market, targeted to a public with purchasing power. The advertising campaign portraied famous Brazilian artists wearing the new Havaianas, changing how the sandal was perceived. Since then sales have not stopped growing.

In 2003 the brand’s visibility abroad increased when sophisticated models of Havaianas were produced to be delivered to the Oscar nominees.

Havaianas 3

And you? Do you have a pair of Havaianas too?

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