Amsterdam Street Art presents: Beyond The Streets

Yesterday was the opening night of “Beyond The Streets”, a group street art exhibition organized by GO Gallery and Amsterdam Street Art.

The line up includes six artists, each with their individual style of work, materials and ways of expressing their feelings through street or indoor art.


Davor “Deesaster” Smoljan’s visual influence comes from comic books, raw and anti establishment graffiti and sci-fi movies. In the past year, Deesaster has exhibited his work in group exhibitions and galleries in the UK and The Netherlands.


Nila Vanwolf

Her work expresses sensuality and cheerful innocence, yet it is also about life, death and spirituality. Beauty and decay go hand in hand in a parade of zombies and colorful sirens.

Nila Vanwolf Art2 Nila Vanwolf Art Nila Vanwolf Art3

Camp Seedorf

They make unique, hand-painted posters of leading AJAX players, outstanding personalities. They are inspired by football, hip hop, beer and graffiti. Their works for the exhibition are on canvas.

Camp Seedorf Camp Seedorf2

Darren West

Darren West is a Neon Artist. He combines mixed media techniques with neon light.

Darren West Neon Darren West Neon2

Perishable Rush

Perishable Rush’s art deliberately looks for contrasts and dualities. He focuses on modern society and the ideals it imposes on us, which he places next to one another to show how unreal, absurd and pointless they actually are.



Zed1 has been a street artist, in the truest sense of the term, for over 20 years. Following his predilection for imagery, he creates a world of humanoid puppets which, in a post-modern surrealism and illusory sterility, interact with the world around them, evolving both in space and time.


The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12.00 to 18.00 and Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00. The exhibition, on Prinsengracht 64in Amsterdam, ends the 3rd of November.

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