Pearls: synonym of strength

Pearls are formed inside oysters as a defense mechanism against potentially threatening irritants such as parasites that managed to get inside their shell. The mollusks create a pearl sac to seal off the irritation.

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Beyond being synonymous with femininity, pearls have a very significant meaning for many women. Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I and Coco Chanel are just some women who used pearls to symbolize important periods in their lives.

In a pearl necklace, each node between pearls means another challenge that has been overcome. In the 20’s women made nodes in her immense pearl necklaces as a protest against the war.

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When a baby girl is born, an earring pearl is placed in her ears to symbolize purity and delicacy, when a girl turns 15 is always given a pearl ring to symbolize maturity, at the time of marriage the woman always inherits a pearl necklace from her mother or her mother in law to symbolize the beginning of the difficulties of married life.

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Among the many meanings we can not deny that pearls represents the most elegant, feminine and glomorous side of every woman, nothing more beautiful than a pretty woman dressed in a sweet and delicate pearl necklace. Coco Chanel would agree with us!

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