Trois Desing jewelry: a successful partnership

The friendship between artist Lizeth Luz and architect Rogéria Maciel goes beyond personal life: it turned into Trois Design, a successful partnership that controls the most trendy Brazilian brands of accessories.

Lizeth Luz and Rogéria Maciel

Trois Design began with the desire to create pieces not yet available in the market, for women with an authentic and strong personality looking for something different. The brand concept is to create unique, timeless and collectibles pieces, developed with a lot of research, handmade with sustainable materials and resulting in striking pieces full of identity.

Trois DesignTrois 4

Trois 9Trois 6

Trois Design was present at fashion fairs in Paris (Eclat de Mode, Bijhorca) and all over Brazil. It took part in the SPFW partnering with reputable brands on the national scene like Huis Clos and UMA, and is part of the costume design of TV shows and novels. The Trois created collections for major brands in the Brazilian fashion scene, such as Lucy in the Sky, Lenny, Mara Mac, Rosa Morena and Beach It, and is present in the European market.

trois8Trois 7

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