Oh my Gaga! What’s next?!

Lady Gaga is “an envelope-pushing pop superstar and an inspiration to millions of ‘little monsters’ around the globe“. And she has 8 EMAs and 13 VMAs to prove it. Gaga also has won 5 Grammys, and to date she’s sold around 23 million albums worldwide.

She’s not so productive only in the music world, but what most defines Lady Gaga’s character is her unlimited and exceeding fashion style. The World knows Lady Gaga for her crazy hairstyles, shoes and outfits (remember the meat-steaks dress?!). All the rainbow’s colors visited her head and the weirdest shoes walked up on the stage.

With the MTV EMA knocking on the door is inevitable to wonder… what’s next!?

Check in the gallery our selection with more than 50 different Lady Gaga’s hair styles!

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