Fernando Pires: the lord of Brazilian shoes

When talking about Brazilian design and concept one name comes to mind: Fernando Pires. Born in the city of São Vicente (São Paulo) on February 15, 1954 and graduated in architecture and urbanism at the FAU University in Santos (São Paulo), Pires only realized his talent for fashion in the ’90es when he started developing concept shoes.

Fernando Pires 4 Fernando Pires 12Fernando Pires 8                                   Fernando Pires 7

Fernando Pires’s footwear stands out: his bold and distinctive design, with exaggerated high heels and unusual details is the reason he became the darling of international celebrities. Among his clients are Madonna, Mariah Carey and supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Pires is also known to shine in Rio de Janeiro’s Sapucaí (the street of the Sambodrome and the parades): he created shoes for the samba schools, for the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Fernando Pires 5
Fernando Pires and one of his creations for carnival

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