Rohan Chhabra: The project ‘Embodying ethics : Endangered’

The project “Embodying ethics : Endangered” is a ethic fashion project made by Rohan Chhabra. It aims to inform the issue of extinction of critical endangered species, by designing a series of hunting jackets that turn into animal’s representations.

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To begin with the jackets remind us of the skill and tradition that is invested in this ‘classic’ garment. From a certain point of view it may explain why the hunter jacket has regularly influenced mainstream fashion as a symbol of masculinity and purposefulness.




As merely a fashion item, there is a sense in which the hunter jacket empowers without guilt, but then it reminds us of the ultimate source of this potency- the act of slaying a living creature and transforming it into an object, a decorative accessory, a trophy. The hunter jackets are variously intriguing, enchanting and perplexing. The aim is to create a disturbing experience that moves from aesthetics to moral reflexion.




Project caption and review by Dr. Stephen Hayward 

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