Armani Eccentrico Face Palette

‘Tis the season to illuminate, we are well aware.
Every year we are treated to some sort of face powder from Armani Makeup, last year there was a line of lacquer lipsticks that we adore, deep rich pigmented colors with the ease of a gloss (and none of the stickiness) and the wands were distinguished by a lacquered vermillion color.
Keeping with this finish, the Armani Illuminating Face Palette has the same red lacquered case and features a moveable compact to access the brush.
armanieccentrico02At first the colours seem icy and bordering on unreable, with hints of icy white, blue and lavender, it does not seem suited for our face, unless we want it to reflect everything.
We were puzzled nonetheless, so heading out for the Armani counter we tried and experienced with this holiday item to see how wearable it really was and we were surprised, the colors mix to create a soft glistening finish that can adorn the high points of our face and add some light to this sometimes gloomy season.
We didn’t put this and the Dior compact back to back as a coincidence, although we like the Armani compact it seems to be stand in the shadow of previous collections that had a more luxurious finish. The red compact is gorgeous and impecable, but it does feel a bit plastic and while it’s convenient to have a holder for the face brush, it adds more bulk to an item that could have trouble fitting into some small purses.
The quality of the makeup is above par, Armani is one of the best luxe brands that although has a far more impressive price tag, you get every penny back in comfort, finish and overall look but this one left us rather cold to it, specially when compared to other holiday compacts, it’s a still a good collection item and a good highlighter if you don’t have one, want a holiday splurge or are an Armani collector.
Maybe next year…

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