• The fashion world is really full of surprises and novelties, and the pets dog has a new “Social Status” in the life of contemporary man. Currently luxury brands are developing clothing for dogs. Are shirts, dresses, pullovers and even the famous Polo shirts.
  • Ralph Lauren, Hermés, Gucci and Juicy Couture are some of luxury brands that invest in this new segment of the fashion market, that is not new but increasingly becomes popular among celebrities and fashionistas who are keen to leave their little pets full of style and within of the newest canine trends.
  • Besides the clothes there are collars that are true jewelry and cares that goes beyond love and affection. In specialized spas, the dogs can have massage, hot tub, acupuncture and specialized beauty treatments.
  • This kind of investment with the cuddly dogs, is already part of the budget of many people, nothing fairer up because these are the most reliable friends who man can have, and these cares are just part of the retribution for all consideration and loyalty from our lovely pets.

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