Eco-ture. The new style in luxury fashion

Current social issues in relation to fashion

Eco-ture.  What I like to believe was trending in the spiritual minds of the natives in the earliest stage of the development of fashion sense.  Eco culture has become the latest luxury, as it creates an alteration of disposable fashion, and for many years was laughed upon as sort of a “one hit wonder craze” lead by the hippies, tree huggers & vegans. Personally attempting to make sustainable items in that time, limited me, but it gave me an evolved understanding of value through the process, as well as a tougher skin to endure the critical heat. Now days, it is the connoisseurs of luxury who swear it to be an everlasting movement.

Eco culture exposes the considerably out of date, immoral and health hazardous production processes of fashion, disposability issues of materials produced as well as the depletion of our natural mother.

         Today’s most up to date brands are reconstructing to the times, and dreaming up creative solutions for these types of business problems.  Those who choose to try a taste of the eco-ture are creating ways to change themselves and still express their inner selves through fashion.

While brands are undergoing their own recycle process, Eco-ture fashion icons and creative revolutionaries aim to re program societies thinking processes of what valuable and beautiful through positively thinking together like worker bees building a natural honey comb to make honey.

Big brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Jones Group, consulted the art and design thinking creative agency know as Amsterdam’s “New World Fight Club” to exercise and strengthen their specific kind of designing thinking, to create sustainable solutions that help impact their clients business and brand future.

         So, is Eco-ture really the post modernist revolution for the fashion world?  By talking a look at science, evolution and biology, it has been proven  that species able to evolve with the changing of the times and environmental conditions, were naturally the ones who survived, and the non able to change, died off.   Are those designer, brands and business people who choose to become more sustainable categorizing themselves into being one of the strongest and fittest competitors in the fashion ring?  One thing for sure, Eco-ture is a concept that is worth studying, not only for piece of mind, but also as a personal challenge towards a healthier lifestyle.

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