Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation has been invited to speak at Modefabriek and the MINT platform on Monday, 27 January. This section of the trade show presents the best of the best in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, currently the leading topic in the fashion world. Minister Ploumen focuses her efforts on creating a better clothing industry and her presence at Modefabriek underscores the importance of forward-thinking fashion brands like those presented at MINT. This edition will include a specially selected collection of national and international sustainable top labels, launchings and inspiring events.

Modefabriek and MINT are presenting an overview of forward fashion for the fifth time, with fantastic styles created with respect for both people and the environment. Minister Ploumen will address a group of invitees, made up of important brands, progressive retailers and influential media, about socially responsible business practices in the clothing industry and the value of brands that show that this is possible. She will then be visiting a number of brands at MINT and Modefabriek.

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