Ahoy mattes, here’s NARS Spring Collection for 2014

We always look forward to NARS colour stories, not only are they always slightly lascivious when other brands are pushing demure and coquette but we like the “it” items for the season.


The overly nautical Caribbean Dream fills us with cold colours and bright oranges and a brand new multiple to play with but to us it gives us a little bit of a chill, the skin is a bit overly polished and reminiscent of Fall and the bold and bright colour scheme just doesn’t transport us to the season of Spring, we get that François Nars took a turn on a completely different direction with this collection that is filled with nautical subtext, you’ll see that we didn’t use the expression “new” because we’ve had something rather similar from MAC a couple of years ago and it didn’t wow us then.


image1Maybe it’s our tendency for sharp greys and black if we want to go cold or the feeling that turquoise and emerald eye makeup is rather dated but the Larger than Life eyeliners is something that we’ll pass as well as the violet lip gloss that just brings us to the late eighties and early nineties that as of now we really don’t want to revisit.

What do we like, you ask? Loads, we like the Multiple which is a very good colour that will easily transition to Summer and the Bimini Larger than Life lip gloss that also brings us back to Summer as well as the bold bright orange Timanfaya Satin Lip Pencil and the Kauai Eyeshadow Duo.

We appreciate NARS courage to take this collection sailing to warmer seas, but in all honesty it didn’t leave us begging for more.


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