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For years we have obsessed on the variety and quality of Japanese cosmetics, specially those that we can’t find in Europe with greater ease, be it SK-II or our adored Clé de Peau. The later is Shiseido’s luxury brand and has amazing base makeup products, our personal favourite is their stick concealer, older packaging, newer packaging, we just love it.


This stick concealer is amazingly pigmented and opaque, in a lipstick swivel format it’s extremely convenient to carry around. It’s versatile to the point that if you’d want something that is full coverage you can apply all over your face and be incredibly flawless, now it’s true that you wouldn’t be sporting a light natural look but the product is multi-purpose.

We usually wear it to cover our dark circles, if it was good enough for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker we certainly can make them completely disappear, however be warned that this product has opacity because of its thick and wax like texture very similar to Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage but we’d risk say that it’s less emollient, wecledepeau04 have to wear this over a well moisturised eye area and if you’re wearing it over a blemish because it can certainly cover it completely make sure to apply it over liquid foundation and powder over it and you’re guaranteed to have this going strong for over eight hours, have a portable lipstick pencil that you can carry around in your purse and you can touch up in a second. You can purchase this concealer online and it comes with a hefty price tag. The only downside is the limited shade selection that is quite common with Japanese cosmetics that cater only to fair and medium skin tones and while in the previous packaging all the shades were yellow toned, the revamped version has a slightly pinker shade that can neutralise those dark circles, safe to say that is’ most likely the luxe product that we’ve repurchased at least 3 times in the last six years and it lasts for quite a while.


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