Amsterdam 2014 Modefabriek MBFWA 2014.

The super sleek, the fashion freaks, and the ice-cold chic.

On 26 & 27 January marked the event ModaFabriek 2014 located at Amsterdam Rai.   Visitors of this event took a big frosty bite out of the bullet, and endured Mother Nature’s crispy, crazy rage, as the Modefabriek atmosphere brought a hopeful warmth to the future of Amsterdam Fashion for the upcoming spring season.  Modefabriek is a sister event of Amsterdam Fashion Week and is a two day exhibition, where around 500 fashion organizations built up their highly designed, and visually creative presentations, while exhibiting some of the upcoming spring trends as well some recently developed labels of Amsterdam.

This event was held in Amsterdam Rai, which is an exhibition and convention centre located in Amsterdam’s beautifully immaculate south side, where events such as Amsterdam Music Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, world bulk wine exhibition, the HISWA Amsterdam Boat show and many other exhibition events are held.

The participants of this season, included a record number of international visitors, and sparked new thoughts of a highly evolved Dutch designed fashion society; yet, with a taste of the outside globalizing world.  Food and drink were delectably delicious including meaty (and vega) “make your mouth water” cheesy burgs from the famous “The Butcher”, and strategically placed sweets & coffee carts that fulfilled the fashion lovers caffeine and snack attacks.

The themes of these two days at the ModaFabriek were fashion, added with other elements.  Design, detail, freshness, display, new value, inter-connections, mutual appreciation and of course… passion.  I personally  had a great time and Interviewed representatives from Jacky Luxury, Black Orchid, Fashion club 70, Gypsetters, This is Lilly,  and so so soooo many more!

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