Getting silly in Edwin Oudshoorn’s “Fools Paradise Collection”MBFWA 2014

This seasons exhibition of Edwin Oudshoorn consisted of a makeshift forest and presented a fairy tale atmosphere for the “Fools Paradise collection”.

Oudshoorn called it ” An artificial paradise that comes with the pursuit of perfection.”

Accompanied by the vocals of Laura Jansen, and her beautiful piano, the scene took to the mind like a midsummer nights dream fairy tale, paired with a preppy punk Scottish feel.  The presentation of the show improvised a poetic scenery forest, as the title “Fools Paradise” referred to “the restrictions that are fighting for causes of perfection”. The result of this theme  was a collection rich and elegant with plenty of dramatic elements .

The pieces aiding in this romantic fairytale, consisted in chiffon-draped princess gowns,  highly decorated in Swarosvki embellishments, embroidery, feathers, and a colour palette of pure white, champagne and faded grey.  Dresses with a deep cleavage, capes,  shorts and skirts worn with blouses with wide sleeves,  all became elements of this spartain-punk-preppy-renesance-fairytale.  The pieces were well shaped, carefully designed, to create a mixture of this highly globalized distinguished look.

Oudshoorn started his career in 2004 when he graduated ArtEZ . One year later his collections – wherefore his main inspiration were Russian women in St. Petersburg – was honoured with the Frans Molenaar Couture-prize.

Once again Edwin Oudshoorn delivered a mesmerizing show, and looking forward to seeing more of this daring Dutch Designer to come!


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