Celebrity Fashion Vixens: Part 5

Celebrities who inspire us to dress better.

This week it was time to highlight three stunning actresses. One of them is already a huge fashion muse and the other two might be yours. So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading to find out who made the cut this week!

Chloe Sevigny

Not having Chloe included in our celebrity fashion vixen’s list is like not having oxygen to breathe. This woman has been a muse for so many fashion designers, photographers and directors.


She has been the face of campaigns for several brands including Miu Miu, H&M, Louis Vuitton and Chloe. Besides being the face for those campaigns she is also a much-asked model for various spreads in magazines. No matter in what kind of wardrobe people dress her in, she makes it look flawless or extremely cool either way.

Chloe may not be the standard cutter cookie definition of pretty, but she always stands out. And that is mostly because of her own personal style. She is always well spoken about her fashion choices and her style. And she doesn’t hide the fact that she prefers vintage clothing over designer pieces, and we love that about her!

Chloe has inspired a lot of people, so why shouldn’t you be?

Shay Mitchell

This beauty is the break out star of the popular TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars’. This stunner got her looks from her Filipino mother and Scottish/Irish father. At age 10 it was her exotic appeal that made her stand out when she decided that she wanted to model. Luckily for her cause an international agency signed her quickly.

 Shay Mitchell

As a young teen she modelled all over the world. It wasn’t until she developed an eating disorder that she knew that the modelling industry was not her cup of tea. Quickly after that she decided to focus on pursuing her acting dream. With success cause in 2010 she got cast in the role of Emily Fields in ‘Pretty Little Liars’. It was then when the whole world took notice of her talent and looks. She even became the face and spokesperson for Pantene in 2011.

Being surrounded by the fashion industry from a young age made sure that Shay developed a keen sense of fashion. She is a good example of a young woman who looks good in every style. She makes short shorts with boots look just as good as a dress with colourful pumps.

Believe me when I say that Shay is one to keep your eyes on.

Zosia Mamet

Grungy, street, underground and indie. These are a few adjectives that describe Zosia’s own personal style. Zosia has never been one to follow fashion trends, but she still manages to look cool in her own way.


Zosia is most known for portraying the scene stealing Shoshanna Shapiro in the hit show ‘Girls’. When the show became a huge hit the four leading ladies where all everyone kept buzzing about.

As the show continues to be a success it seems that the fashion world is paying more and more attention to Zosia. They are even letting her style her own shoots for magazines. Her ‘Girls’ character Shoshanna likes to dress as girly as possible, but Zosia in real life is more the kind of girl that you would see at a hippie market or at some random festival looking hip and fashionable without even trying.

Zosia’s style is cool and that’s why she is one this weeks fashion vixens.

These are the three choices for this week. Next week another set of gorgeous vixen’s for you to look at. Till then fashion lovers!

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