Around the world are welcomed some of the greatest brazilian talents, and one of them is the famous designer Inacio Ribeiro.

Born in Minas Gerais, since a young age already had an established career as a designer in the Brazilian fashion market. The comfortable living who won when he was 20 years was what drove the young and talented designer to soar greater heights, causing him to move to London to study fashion at the renowned University Saint Martins, where he met his wife and partner work Suzanne Clements.

Clements Ribeiro 5

Together they founded the brand Clements Ribeiro which traveled a path of difficulties, challenges and many successes over more than 20 years of career.

Working in the artistic direction of Cacharel was one of several important works of the successful duo.

Clements Ribeiro  for Evans 2

In 2011 Inácio and Suzanne were asked to develop a line Plus Size for the british network “Evans”, the duo gained much prominence by dressing Adele, where the singer made ​​sure to use a unique dress by Clements Ribeiro in a concert at the Royal Albert, where was produced her CD, they also had prominence for dressing the elegant princess Kate Middleton.

Currently they participate of London Fashion Weeks and fascinate women around the world with collections full of elegance and femininity.

Clements Ribeiro for Evans 1

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