Estée Lauder Invisible Foundations Fluid and Powder in Review

If we have said it once, we’ll say it again and again, what we want in foundations is picture perfect, airbrushed flawless skin. These two products by the Estée Lauder range are outstanding foundations that allow you to look natural with minimal product buildup, we’ll compare both in their strengths and help you decide which one will suit your skin type best.

Invisible Fluid

The Invisible Fluid is part of the new generation of complexion enhancers that despite their liquid, almost water like texture give you amazing coverage, within reason certainly, we don’t recommend this product for skins that have a lot of scarring and redness because the layering will defeat the product’s goal, it’s close to Chanel’s Aqua Lumière sans the alcohol which is one of the reasons that make us steer away from it.

This product is biphasic in nature and has a solid ball inside to allow you to shake the product well combining pigment and carrier so always remember to shake it vigorously before you apply, a little goes a long way with this and we feel that gently massaging it into the skin with the warmth of your fingers will allow seamless blending and while initially it seems that there is nothing there, a couple of minutes later it will set and your skin will look even and if you have any particular areas of problem skin like around your nose or any other areas of redness you can layer a little bit more to add coverage and still retaining its natural finish. The foundation is semi-matte without looking dull, you will have a bit of radiance in it and those with combination skin will do well to powder areas where you don’t want extra shine like your t-zone. It holds up well in humid climates and is fairly resistant to outside wetness and humidity, we were caught by an unexpected storm while testing this and it was there, all we did was blot the water with a tissue and we were good to go, those of oily complexions might be more suited to the powder version of this product as it controls your most problematic areas with a touch of grace, we’d dare say. After a few weeks of daily use we had not unwanted eruptions or irritation and it holds well a solid 6-8 hours depending on your skin type and weather condition, photographs like real skin but you need sunscreen to wear this product in the sun.

Powder Promo

The Invisible Powder came in last year, in the classic Estée Lauder packaging, this foundation comes with a dual sided sponge that is kept in its own compartment for hygiene reasons and makes this compact a little bit bulky but it’s certainly travel friendly. Powder foundations usually offer extremes either barely there coverage or full coverage pancake like finish that is artificial but Invisible Powder does neither, it offers light to medium coverage depending on wether you apply it with a brush or the sponge if offers and can be layered in any areas where more coverage is needed, like its liquid sister initially it seems like we have nothing on and later it evens out your skin, it is very similar to the NARS powder foundation in terms of coverage but we think the latter looks slightly more powdery and clings more to any dry areas of your skin and Invisible Powder doesn’t. It stands perspiration, humidity and even the shine that comes with oily skin becomes dewy and flattering, if you do have very oily skin, we would recommend using a blotting sheet to pat away the shine. It’s very natural to the point that any man could wear it with confidence without having his secret revealed and you can later apply any texture of bronzer or blush and it does cake or roll. On the pan the product appears to have a bit of a sheen that made us weary in the beginning but actually it’s what gives this powder a radiance from within and natural appearance, also after weeks of wearing and traveling and hectic days it didn’t give us any unwanted eruptions or irritation and could be worn be all skin types, if you have extra dry skin, our advice is to properly moisturize so it feels comfortable but all in all it is an amazing product. If you want to add to the product’s longevity at the end of the day for an impromptu night out, you can easily retouch it without looking caked on.

Both have a wide range of shades that cater to all ethnicities and are most likely our favorite products for foundation in the Estée Lauder range, so it all comes to which formula do you like best, we tend to grab the powder compact more often because pretty skin is only a minute away but never mind us, we have both.

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