Brushing the Day Off – A Clarisonic Mia 2 Review


The Clarisonic is not by any means a new product, from beauty bloggers to Oprah, the vibrating brush cleanser tool has been around for a while and it has mixed reviews, some people say it’s their cleansing holy grail, others have felt less than stellar results.

Maybe because we’re a lot more obsessed with makeup products the Clarisonic has been on the lower half of our to-buy list but we’ve received a brand new one about a month ago with a sensitive brush head so we’ve been testing it  for about this period of time to give you our unbiased review. We have sensitive acne-prone skin, we don’t react well to physical exfoliants like those grainy products it’s basically a  no-no for us so we were apprehensive on wether we should try it or not fearing unwanted skin eruptions but curiosity got the best and it became a daily routine.


To give you the most of this review we used the Clarisonic only during the evening to take the face and the day off, it comes with the brand’s cleanser but we didn’t test it because for objectivity’s sake it had to be used with a makeup remover that we knew from experience that didn’t give us any bad reaction and it was used with the Filorga Foam Cleanser which we reviewed here already and has been a loyal companion. The decision to using it only at night was also to prevent hyper-sensitive skin and not liking the idea of an exfoliated skin being subject to pollution and irritants found in the city’s air.

The first week almost made us give up, the skin was looking irritated and we had some small pimples show up mainly in the forehead area and it was completely clear before we started using it. However, many reviews spoke about a purging fase that would only happen when you begin using so we grinned and bared it for testing’s sake.


A month later the purge stopped, it last for about two weeks and a half, but the skins is giving off a very natural glow, the texture has improved and pores look a lot smaller, so we’re recharging it for the first time today, a full charge lasted a whole month. We use it on the 60 seconds setting and there are little beeps that let you know when you move to the next area of the face, too much time on the same area might make it too sensitive and slightly flaky so be sure to recognise the signs your body is giving you throughout the time you use.


All in all, is it something you should go out and get immediately? We are unsure, we are very glad to be able to have one however it was never on our must buy list or at least not on our immediate to buy list. If you do have the cash to splurge and feel that your cleansing routine needs the added oomph, then yes this is a product that you should consider getting if you’re on the fence then you might try and see if you do a trial period with it.

It comes with a very handy travel case, a magnetic battery charger and is waterproof so you can use it in the shower.

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