What’s Your Biggest Fashion Splurge Ever?


Yesterday was guilty-pleasure central in my household. My hubby cooked a caloric feast of a breakfast while I caught up on all things blog (yeah, he’s a keeper). I caught this post on Perez, calling out the biggest celebrity splurges of all time (my jaw’s still on the floor that Kimye spent $40K on the above Birkin, and that’s without the priceless George Condo hand-painting atop!).

But, hey, there’s no judgment here. I couldn’t help but look back on the last decade of my own spending habits and wonder which were truly investment pieces vs. the “unmentionables” that I should have run for the hills from.

So, I’ll tell you, if you’ll tell me. Maybe it will be cathartic?

My proudest, spendiest moment: It was 2006, and there she was at Barneys, a stunning Giambattista Valli dress with a voluminous skirt, cinched waist, and beige-to-black ombré. I was working as a fashion assistant at another magazine then, earning pennies. I knew I really shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t let it escape my clutches. So I waited until it went on sale. And then longer for even another markdown. Risky, yes. I won’t tell you the final price, but let’s just say, I ate ramen for months to pay it off. And I still wear it for almost every wedding and cocktail party, eight years later!

My biggest regret: I don’t know if it was the adrenaline rush of one of those warehouse sales, but no excuses. It was a basic-black Givenchy purse in the “damaged” section (tons of red slash marks on the tag!), and all that seemed to be amiss was that the handle was detached. Well, after three stops to my cobbler and jewelry repair go-tos, it turned out the essential hardware to connect the two parts was not included. The defunct “clutch” is still in my trunk and on my to-do list today. Sigh.

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