Things we learned from our mother renewed – Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II

I think the worst thing about being a cosmetics junkie is the incessant urge of trying on new products which basically means we put some of our staples aside while trying new things. There are things we remember being a part of our mothers’ beauty items, a bottle of Yves Saint-Laurent Opium, Chanel N. 5, La Prarie Powder Foundation and last but not least Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair.

adrepair04We tried it over a decade ago, being reminiscent of childhood memories and we instantly fell in love with it, having worn it over a year we then moved on for newer things albeit not necessarily better, the product got a reformulation last year but keeps sporting it’s 1982 brown bottle look, making it it a product with a history of over 30 years.

It is meant to help your skin generate during the night while you sleep and while there is no scientific consensus as to whether the skin regenerates during the night, we are asleep and shielded from sunlight, pollution and the hassle of your daily life.

We got back into it recently having it been reformulated and wanted to see if it still fit its legend like bill, however other than removing some thickeners with others we haven’t experienced anything dramatically different about it, which isn’t necessarily bad, we’ve had some wonderful results with the previous version and this keeps on showing amazing results and teaching a lesson that new doesn’t necessarily mean better and we would have saved a lot if we’ve stuck to this beauty classic.


What we adore? The silky texture that is very quickly absorbed into the skin making it great for day and night wear. We’re also delighted with the rather quick results, skin looks more luminous and the texture a lot more even and we’ve noticed that we’re using less foundation. It doesn’t irritate our skin, give us unwanted blemishes or other types of irritation and actually feels rather soothing when our skin is not at it’s best.

adrepair03What we think could be improved? The packaging, we truly think this product deserved a pump packaging, the bottle dropper gives it that vintage feel, that apothecary aesthetic but makes application slightly messier if you’re kind of clumsy and cumbersome to travel with, the constant open and closing of the bottle makes the product more sensible to environmental adulteration. We are also partial to serums because we dislike thicker textures.

So, if you’ve never given this jewel a chance and want to boost your skincare routine do drop by a counter and give it a try.

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