Anya Hindmarch Has a Soft Spot for a Custom-Monogram Accessory

Picture this: You’re in love. He gets down on one knee. Presents you with a box. Inside is a gorgeous clutch that says:


Have you swooned yet?

That’s exactly what accessories maven Anya Hindmarch wants you to feel every time you experience a personalized accessory from her Bespoke collection. The British designer’s newest New York City outpost offers an entire floor of accessories, from notebooks and jewelry cases to clutches and photo albums, that can be marked with a monogram, initials, or a personal message. Hindmarch created the collection as an “antithesis of fashion.”

“It’s about sealing a moment in time,” she says. “Making something to treasure that you want to hand down the generations rather than dispose of after a season. This is true luxury for me.”

The idea to create the Bespoke collection came from Anya’s mother, who she says was the most amazing gift giver. “When I was 15, she gave me her old Gucci handbag, which I think started my love of accessories and obsession with craftsmanship,” she says of her mother. “I have always loved the Oscar Wilde quote ‘Be yourself—the other places are taken,’…our Bespoke offering embodies this.”

The best part is that you can write a message in your own handwriting and have it embossed onto an accessory. And more than a few marriage proposals have been facilitated via Anya Hindmarch Bespoke. We do.

See how it’s done below:




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