Not So Fast, Gisele! Miranda Kerr Has a Single Out Too

While we’re on the topic of supermodels moonlighting as songstresses, Miranda Kerr just released her debut single—and it’s an Elvis Presley cover, no less.

“Well, Gisele. I’ll take you one video and up you with one King.”

According to the Daily Mail, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel worked with Broadway star Bobby Fox for a song and video cover of “You’re the Boss.” While the video won’t come out until May 4, promo stills tease Miranda with retro side-parted waves and wide bedroom eyes. Take a listen to the model’s sexy, breathy singing voice below and try to picture what the eventual video will look like.

Miranda showed off her singing talents before in a somewhat bizarre series of iced tea commercials in Japan, but this is her first bona fide turn at the mic. Sounds like she was even surprised at the opportunity.

“They approached me and I said, ‘I’m not a singer,'” Miranda told the Telegraph U.K. via the Daily Mail.

She had an out if she wasn’t satisfied with the results though.

“I said, ‘If I don’t like it, it’s definitely not going anywhere,’ and they said, ‘Of course,'” Miranda explained.

Guess she was happy with the final recording since the single will be on Bobby’s debut album, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which comes out this Friday. If you need something to keep you occupied between now and the video debut on May 4, perhaps play Miranda and Bobby’s duet on audio loop. (Or maybe distract yourself with Gisele Bundchen’s H&M video.)

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