7 Tips for Organizing a Boutique-Worthy Closet

According to California Closets, 50 percent of people organize during spring. Apparently, I’m not one of them. Exhibit A:

I have a lot of sweaters.

If, like me, you’re getting a late start to spring-cleaning, here are some genius tips I picked up from California Closets chief design officer Ginny Snook Scott that will make your closet feel less cluttered, easier to navigate, and straight-up prettier.


First things first: Which clothes should you save, and which should you get rid of? Ginny recommends taking all your clothes out and putting them back in with the hanger facing toward you. Then, when you wear something, put it back normally. This way, you’ll quickly be able to see which pieces you just aren’t wearing.

Pack seasonal items like heavy sweaters and boots in a suitcase. It’s taking up space anyway, so why not put it to good use?

Does your closet have sliding doors? Ginny recommends removing them altogether. The downside is you’ll have to keep your closet tidier, but it will make it loads easier to fit everything.


In closets of any size, group pieces together by color, category, etc. It will look and feel more organized.

In general, Ginny prefers shelves to drawers. Why? 1) They’re easier to put together (anyone who’s got an Ikea degree knows that one well enough), and 2) you can see everything inside—not just the pieces on top.


Try not to have more than two stacks per shelf, or they’ll fall. The ideal stack height? Just three pieces (I know, I know. I think I have at least seven in each one too.)


Shallow drawers can work for things like jewelry, lingerie, and swimwear. If you have deeper drawers, consider rolling items and storing them upright so you can see everything.

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