The “painted collection” by Matteo Thiela

Last week we discovered an interesting video about Matteo Theila’s painted collection. Matteo was born in Milan in 1972. He Began his career as a designer and creative in 1990 with  the collection “10 dresses B / W / B”, much appreciated by many Italian buyers. During the same period Eo Bocci wanted him in his showroom where he was exhibiting a men and ladies shirting collection  made out of circles and color.
Since 2001, he began by  himself,  designing the first women’s collection that with Matteo Thiela brand, including an  autumn / winter which is followed by a spring / summer and a high  fashion catwalk at the Auditorium della Musica in Rome. In 2003, he  won the competition Limoni that led him to create a personal fragrance. In 2004 he  was invited to participate in TIP – Trends Ideas Projects at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. In 2005 he participated at EIDOS, an exhibition of young talents at the Milano Triennale and the  WHO’S ON NEXT competition , organized by Vogue Italy and AltaRoma.  From 2006 to 2008 he worked with KRIZIA for whom he designed the  catwalk collection and the various licenses.
In 2008, he contacted AGNONA who trusted him  for which he designed two handbag collections. In the same year and the following  year as well he returned to his personal project with two couture collections of  unique pieces. Invented “RETEXO” a conceptual collection of dresses  made up of millions of silk threads  to cover an imaginary  primitive woman. For winter 2011 RETEXO full of wool threads to  create jackets and coats as the “Grisons”exposed  at “Limited /  Unlimited” Altamoda Rome.
This year is ready “The Painted Collection” It change the  rules:the designer became a painter and his woman dress  become simple cutted  dresses and painted accessories .At last Matteo put Retexo dresses on  white canvas picture, playing a provocation between art and fashion. Once more a new conceptual performance.

The “painted collection”

The collection is about his love for art and people. He proposes dresses and accessories made of fabrics, wires and ropes painted the collection mix artistic instruments with the sartorial materials black or white. He said to us that he had fun because this time he used whovers brushes and liquids.
Amsterdam Fahion TV: How did you come to start your own line?
Matteo Thiela: When I finished my studies, I went to Miami Beach and started to paint, after a while I went back to Europe and started the first collection, at the begining making a collection was logical mix of modernity and trendy. After sometime I deeply wanted to learn more about this job, and I’ve learned a lot. Later I told myself I wanted to do something big and revolutionary. Now I work for it.
AFtv: How does that inspiration turn into reality?MT: Sometimes an idea needs time to be considered and realized, sometimes I just put the music on and dance/do , and I make it at once.AFtv: Is there a story behind the painted collection?MT: A firend of mine told me: you can do whatever and will be WOW.  So, my mother has an art gallery selling paintings. I thougth to make paintings with my best colorful dresses Retexo. I loved the idea of playing whit the rules of designer/ artist, fashion and art.At the same time i needed to make a collection of dresses so i painted wires ropes and fabrics and compose unique pieces for a women that like to play. Common peolple and friends wears this collection without size.AFtv: Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.MT: I’m experimenting every way of realization, I like to explore. From traditional to impossible. I feel free to choose the inspiration as well as the way of making.Would love to make a new robotic method to make the perfect dress.
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