PastedGraphic-2PastedGraphic-2imageThe fashion designer Marco Maisto comes from a small town near Naples, Grumo Nevano. He graduated this year at the Istituto Superiore di Design in “Fashion and Textiles”. With “Cirque de l’Ombre”, his first collection, he took part to many contests, conferences, fashion shows in Italy and France. With his second collection, Hybrid, the fashion designer deepened his interest in sustainable and organic fashion and he joined many shows in Italy.

Last week Amsterdam Fashion Tv met him in Naples (Italy) to know his last collection, take a look!




“The image is the combination of natural and artificial”
The collection was born taking inspiration from that thought.


The “Hybrid” woman is the perfect synthesis between what she is and what she decided to be. The hybridation, in fact, is the symbol of modernity: taking the best from the past to mix it with the future.

The fabrics are organic – linen, silk, wool – combined with sustainable synthetic ones – like the vynil.


The shape of the pieces is based on geometric patterns: the rigid shapes of the vynil clothes are mixed with the shapes of the organic materials pieces, that are softer but also geometric. The colours are taken from the earth but mixed with the polish black of the vynil.

The image of the collection is futuristic but not usual: the goal is to stay away from the futuristic fashion cliché to create wearable and impressive pieces that can create strong feelings in who wears them and in who looks at them. An important goal was also to deliver a message about sustainability and organic in fashion.





Amsterdam Fashion Tv: Could you tell us more about your work process?

Marco Maisto: My work process starts, of course, from inspiration. I take mostly inspiration from travelling, photos, fabrics that I find, books and music. Then, I make many researches about shaping and I study new shapes firstly on paper and then on the fabric. The last step, for me, is the illustration, that is one of my favourite parts.

AFtv: When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

MM: Not long time ago. I had a classic education and at that time I wanted to be a doctor. But I always had the passion for fashion. I decided to actually start my fashion studies when I started university and I don’t regret my decision at all, because I’m following my dream.

AFtv: Plans for the future?

MM: In september I’ll attend a master course in fashion design and in the meantime I’ll continue to do fashion shows around to promote my work.


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