If You’re an Over-Packer, Try This Tip From Katy Perry’s Stylist

This week marks the launch of the Gap’s Reserve In-Store program, where you can browse for pieces online and reserve them for pick-up in a store nearby. Earlier this morning, I stopped by my local Gap store to check out the program and chat with the man behind Katy Perry, Kate Mara, and Amber Heard’s best looks, stylist Johnny Wujek, about what he thinks guys really want to see women in this summer, plus how to pack for Memorial Day weekend.


Glamour: What trends are you into seeing girls in this summer?

Johnny Wujek: I’m into color. I think for summer it’s always a good time to play with color and I love the pastel palette. I love the florals and the pastels and also just mixing prints and patterns. It comes off as chaos a little bit, but I’m into that.

Glamour: For our readers that are afraid of color, what tips do you have for incorporating it into their wardrobe?

J.W.: A shoe, a bag, scarves; I mean accessories are a great way to add color if you’re afraid of a bright blue dress or something like that. I think accessories are just a safe way for girls who are afraid to take a chance.

Glamour: What sort of things do you think most guys really want to see women in this summer?

J.W.: Oh gosh, it’s interesting. A guy has to have a really great fashion sense otherwise guys just want a girl in something tight [laughs], ya know? I always love when a guy can appreciate fashion, but I think in any sense confidence is key in everything. Guys are turned on by confidence and a woman can be confident and sexy without hanging out.

Glamour: Totally. Switching gears, Memorial Day weekend is coming up, what do you think are some keys pieces a woman should pack?

JW: I love the loose pieces, the linens, the cottons, things that are just comfy to travel in. I’m into the themes and the vibe for the holiday so something patriotic for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, get your red, white, and blue in there! I’ve gotten really good at packing and I always try to think of things I can wear in different ways. Like instead of packing six pairs of jeans, I’ll pack two that I can wear differently or end up cutting into shorts or something.

Glamour: I love that!

JW: I always do that! I have to much of everything to begin with so I always bring them knowing by day two or three I’ll cut these into a pair of shorts. I’ve done it numerous times on set.

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