Fashion News Your Guy Needs to Know (Plus, Father’s Day Gift Ideas!)

Chances are, you’ve got a dude in your life who relies on you for intel on what’s trendy and new, be it a brother, a dad, a platonic pal, or a romantic partner. Because, while men who hate shopping might be vocal (and well documented—remember the still-hilarious Miserable Men Instagram account Danica introduced us to?), I have a sneaking suspicion some of them enjoy it. Think of it this way: Men are the hunters, and females are the gatherers. Perhaps previously of nuts, berries, and kindling for fire, but now? Shopping secrets!

Pass these gems on to the guys in your life or hoard them until Father’s Day rolls around and reveal the secret then.


    1. C. Wonder has guys now. That lovely emporium of bright, preppy, accessibly priced stuff has decided to stop discriminating against guys (I kid!). There are plenty of perfect gift items, including dopp kits, cuff links, and needlepoint wallets and belts like this camo find.


    1. Topman just launched sportswear. Whether he’s a fitness fiend or you’d like to encourage him to become one, let him know that everyone’s favorite Brit high-street import is now offering up shorts, windbreakers, and running leggings.


    1. Trademark (one of our newest obsessions) has a men’s collection. The label, helmed by Pookie and Louisa Burch, has been generating some fashion-crowd buzz due to sharp pieces and fairly approachable prices. Its men’s line launched a few weeks ago and includes simple jackets, tees, and pants like the green pair above.

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