Olivia Palermo Feeds Your Summer Shopping Obsession With a Sunglasses Collab (That She Wears ALL the Time)

After what seemed to be a long relationship with her Westward Leaning sunglasses, modern-day style icon Olivia Palermo is taking the plunge and making things official: She’s doing a collaboration. She told us she’s batted around the idea with the San Francisco-based brand for a while now, and it makes perfect sense for the fashion fan. “I love accessories, so I have one or two pairs,” she told us, laughing (and clearly fibbing) when asked how many pairs of sunnies she thought she had.

We’ve seen her wearing the shades (a standard body style that manages to flatter nearly every face shape and is inlaid with special stones and materials for an extra pop of color) since the company launched in 2011 and the collab, one of the first she’s lending her name to, seemed inevitable.


Personally struggling with how to make chunky, oversize sunglass boxes and cases fit in a not-so-big closet, I asked Olivia how she handles it. “I have the Elfa system from the Container Store, so I have pull-out drawers [for them],” she said. “I don’t have any boxes! I don’t like to hoard anything, so if it’s a really great one, I’ll keep maybe one or two, but everything’s so well organized, I don’t need them.”

And celebs suffer from sunglass heartbreak too. “I don’t lose things very often, but the summer before last, I had a great pair of glasses I really loved and I was on a boat with a friend and they pulled off really fast…”

(You can see where this story is going, right?)

“By the time they turned around, [the sunglasses] were deep-sea diving! I was like, ‘Oh no!’ I really wanted to jump in there and try to find them.”


There are eight styles of shades currently up for sale on Westward Leaning’s site and OliviaPalermo.com and, lest you need a good reason to buy another pair of shades, there’s a feel-good component: Some of the proceeds will go to ADCAM’s Maasai Project, an Olivia-supported charity that provides medical support, creates jobs, and builds schools in Kenya.

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com sunglasses, $210

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com, $210

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com, $210

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com, $210

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com, $210

Westward Leaning x OliviaPalermo.com, $210

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