Pharrell Continues His Fashion Reign of Terror

Though hip-hop producers weren't exactly red-carpet regulars in the early aughts, by 2003, Pharrell was an international superstar, with enough hits under his Gucci belt to be invited to the CFDA Awards for the first time. Clearly he'd also learned a thing or two about fit, as well, though thankfully we've all left that drape and hue of denim in the last decade. Still repping the Star Trak Records Vulcan symbol, no matter how formal the occasion. Live long, and tailor.

Never one to shy away from a statement accessory, whether it be aface-obscuring kerchief or That Hat, Pharrell Williams outdid himself last night at the BET Awards, sporting the favored mall footwear of the early 2000s: the Ugg boot. Sure, Pharrell’s man-Uggs were part of a limited-edition collaboration with Junya Watanabe,but still. Still.

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