6 Outfits from Glastonbury Perfect for Messy Summer Fun (Think Wellies and a New Take on Overalls)

The fashion at Glastonbury Music Festival is way different from what we see at Coachella. It feels a bit more exotic and, not being in a desert, lets concertgoers play around more with layers and jackets. Plus, all that muck seems to require everyone to wear wellies and I love the messy, laid-back attitude that comes along with it. In fact, when most people grumble at wearing them out to dinner or the bar, I secretly love it.

Silky, filmy dresses can work so long as you don’t mind running the risk of getting it a little messy. British TV presenter Caroline Flack did a wise move by picking one in black, avoiding heartbreak if it does splattered throughout the day.

Alexa Chung didn’t adopt a new look when attending the fest. Instead, she wore another version of her regular uniform with skinny dark jeans, a romantic top, and a blazer. I’d like to wear this look tomorrow, please (so long as it’s not too steamy).

But for those extra-hot days? Lily Allen’s simple, one-strap romper would be perfect for dealing with summer heat no matter what continent you’re on.

I thought I’d seen overalls worn every which way by now, but Cressida Bonas proved me wrong in her short white pair. Now, the biggest question: wonder how long they stayed such a pristine white?

Daisy Lowe’s sheer lace dress worn over matching black underwear might not fly in most places, but if you have an ultra-casual party on the calendar? Experiment away!

The non-celeb to catch my eye? This concertgoer who took what could’ve been a prim and proper floral print dress, worn buttoned all the way up, and paired it with a floppy hat and wellies for a sweet look that still doesn’t feel silly or out of place.

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