In Crazy Denim News: Get Distressed Jeans, Custom-Shredded by Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Oh My!)

Going to great lengths for great distressed denim is nothing new, but this takes the cake. Japanese brand Zoo is wrapping the toys that great cats favor (think tires and large balls) with denim, throwing them into the pit, and letting play run its course.


The resulting fabric is understandably ripped, torn, and definitely distressed when it’s removed and then crafted into jeans. My other favorite part of this whole kooky setup? That the website totally gives them credit, like this pair that’s noted as “designed by lions.”

zoo-jeans-distressed-by-lions-tigers</p> <p>Lions, tigers, <em>and</em> bears are all going to work and there's a good charity tie-in. A group of volunteers is behind the new, erm, approach and using the proceeds to benefit the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan where the animal

You can catch some of the distressing as it happens in the below video, and it’s equal parts adorable and terrifying.

Also interesting, though not animal-related, is the process Mithun Ramanandi, men’s denim buyer at Selfridges, gave The Guardian for getting perfect-fitting jeans. “Wear your jeans every day for a year and then wash them. You’ll get a completely personalized look, with fading at the knee, the shadow of a keyring.” Um, whoa! I did say I’d go for great lengths for perfect jeans, but I don’t think I could actually, mentally or physically, wear the same pair of jeans for a year.

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