Claudia Hamers – Dutch Jewellery Designer Moved in Milan

The Dutch jewellery designer Claudia Hamers moved to Milan after her studies in Philosophy and Industrial Design in Delft. Meanwhile, Claudia is a celebrated jewelry designer with a focus on unique golden ring designs and silver cufflinks inspired by special places in the world like those ones inspired from one of the 500’s renaissance master Sandro Botticelli’s Painting.

All the pieces are unique, only one is made and each ring or cufflink is a piece with a story and a unique specimen. Her rings are a true art pieces, a symbol of emotion and love which can be passed to the next generation.

Claudia is a typical woman both from  northern and southern Europe. With still the flavor of the Netherlands and thorough approach, but very influenced by the Italian imagination. She sees herself as someone who has one foot in the past and one foot in the future. With admiration for the Italian artisans traditions and grinding stones, she tries to make something that never has been made ​​yet. Claudia Hamers belief in authenticity.

Claudia Hamers
Claudia Hamers

She has a worldwide clientele from fashion, Royalty, movies and business world. Naomie Campbell, Eros Ramazotti, Seedorf to Vodka model Randy Ingerman. Antonio Banderas, Placido Domingo was at the opening of  Teatro della Scala with her beautiful cufflinks.

Bought In the Netherlands, it was an honor to manufacture a ring and cufflinks for the artist Sylvana Simons and the entrepreneur Michiel Mol.

via Manzoni 20121 Milano Italia

tel: +390236514459 mob:+393357046944

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