What’s That Chic Girl On The Street Wearing? Kate Bosworth Has The Answer For You.

With the release of Kate Bosworth’s new style and shopping app, Style Thief, women everywhere (okay, everywhere with cell service) will be able to solve that age-old problem of seeing an amazing outfit or pair of shoes breeze by you, only to be struck with a mix of heartbreak and rage when you realize you must know where she bought them and how you can get something just like it in your own closet.


“Everyone has fashion envy,” she told WWD, who reported the story. “Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial or a friend . . . wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.” The app aims to help with that, using image recognition software adapted from the security world to tell you what something is and, ideally, where to get it. Kate’s used it, too: the dress she plans on wearing to the Hollywood launch party was one she found through Style Thief sleuthing.

To note: her title is chief marketing officer and hubby Michael Polish is on board as chief creative officer (working on the app’s graphics). And while you’d currently be shown exactly matched items or similar options from other sites and shops, it sounds like that could change. “We’re not producing merchandise for the app—yet.”

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