Linda Zoon – Passion for Illustration

Linda Zoon was born in Rotterdam in 1959 she always had a passion for drawings and illustration.

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Since 1993 she owns Dutch Universal Studio in Rotterdam.
LINDA: my passion for fashion begin when I was a little girl about 4 years old. I always drew shoes and clothes, my mother was my example, she gave me the glossy magazines and I was used to cut out the beautiful fashion pictures. The artists who inspires me: Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and more. Every year I try to go to Paris for a few day’s because it inspires me a lot. I’ve seen a lot of amazing exhibitions lately: Louis Vuiton, Ralph Lauren, Dries van Noten, Jean Paul Gaultier. I love all the movies about the fashion scene behind the catwalk.. from  Chanel, Valentino, Victor & Rolf etc. One of the movies I prefer lately is the story about Yves Saint Laurent, actually I’ve seen it two times.
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Fashion and Haute Couture is a way of art and inspires me also in my other creative work as a graphic designer.

For Direct information about linda please refer to her website

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