Beyonce’s Wardrobe Is Getting Its Own Exhibit! (Let’s Break That Down: You Can See Her Actual Clothes. In Person.)

I’m pretty sure that when every single girl in the world hears that Beyoncé is getting her own clothing exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this summer, the response will be something like, “It’s about time!” Among the many things she’s so very queenly about, she’s had some amazing, out-of-the-park fashion moments. We don’t have very long to wait either; it’s opening on July 22.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is revealing which outfits fans can expect and got Bey’s stylist, Ty Hunter, to share some of his memories on the garment.

The Givenchy dress she wore at the Met Gala in 2012:
“Beyoncé had just given birth to her child four months prior to this event. She wanted to be sexy, and the illusion of being naked amplified the dress and her figure to perfection.”

The Rubin Singer outfit she wore to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013:
“A lot of different designers came to [her] with sketches, but in the end Rubin Singer created something magical. Beyoncé wanted funky, edgy, and feminine all in one and that’s what Rubin created.”

And how could you NOT include the leotard from “Single Ladies”? (Don’t worry, it’s there, along with the special Lorraine Schwartz glove she swings around.) Plus, I’m firmly a member of the camp that believes a little bit of that music video is guaranteed to make any day better, so here we are:

Also expect the gold Gareth Pugh dress from the “Run the World (Girls)” video, plus the white tank, J Brand denim shorts, and Stuart Weitzman patent slingbacks she wore in the “Crazy in Love” video.

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