Yesterday july 23th Stunning Party in Milan Hosted by Camera Italiana Buyer Moda

Yesterday july 23th. The Camera Italiana Buyer Moda hosted a stunning party at Villa Gaia Gandini a magnificent location in Robecco sul Naviglio.

The party was about the salutation of the President Peppe Angiolini that reached the end of the presidential charge.

International Vip were present and top International buyers, bloggers and Institutional personalities from the fashion world. You will find all the names in the reportage we are going to show you.

Villa Gaia (Gaia in Italian means happy) so named in the second half of the fifteenth century because of the character of the festivities that took place is one of the oldest buildings along the canals in Milan and in fact it is the first character of villa in Lombardy and the most rich in historical memories.

The Villa was owned in first place from the Borromeo Family than from the Sforza Family later. In the second half of the nineteenth century was sold to Decio Garbini and later to the Gandini.

Amsterdam Fashion Tv with Cristine Egger was there to report the venue for you.

Stay tuned for the full video reportage.


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