Please Welcome Mario Dell’Oglio, The New President of Camera Italiana Buyer Moda

Mario Dell'Oglio, the newly-elected president

Last Wednesday, Amsterdam Fashion TV had a pleasure of attending a glorious party dedicated to Beppe Angiolini and the end of his presidential term at Camera Italiana Buyer Moda, who’s. Meanwhile. during the assembly’s meeting held on 23rd of July, 57 out of 107 members casted their votes for Mario Dell’Oglio, who was elected the new president.

Dell’Oglio, a 47-year-old owner of the multi-brand chain store Dell’Oglio, will replace Beppe Angiolini, who has served as Camera Italiana Buyer Moda’s honorary president for 6 years since he was elected in 2008. Mario Dell’Oglio will take over his duties for the next 2 years, undertaking a programme that consists of three steps: first, create a “press group”, as explained by the newly elected president, a sort of press office responsible for promoting the activities of buyers and traders. Second, the challenge is to strengthen the online-presence, both in terms of e-commerce and social media. Finally, Camera Italiana Buyer Moda is looking to tap into new generation by creating an association and building a partnership of merchants aged under 35 with newly-initiated enterprises. “Over the past few years, the function of Camera Italiana Buyer Moda has changed and its importance to the Italian fashion industry has increased,” Dell’Oglio said. The new president is aiming to establish and strengthen the brand image of “Made in Italy” by putting a great emphasis on its prestige and exclusiveness.

Mario Dell'Oglio, the newly-elected president
Mario Dell’Oglio, the newly-elected president

Camera Italiana Buyer Moda is an association that brings together the owners of high-end Italian multi-brand stores since 2000. The strictly-selected associates receive the certification of THE BEST SHOP, that stands for prestige, image, history, a strong economic base and a large choice of brands, starting from the most prestigious brands on the fashion market.

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