6 Minutes With Lily Aldridge: Why the Victoria’s Secret Model Thinks When It Comes To Style, Less Is More

Show of hands: When you think of Victoria’s Secret your mind immediately goes to over-the-top wings, lots of razzle dazzle, and an epic fashion show? Well, starting today the brand is trying something new. They’re introducing a minimal collection and going for a pared down, less is more sort of vibe. I chatted with Angel Lily Aldridge to get the scoop.


Q: Lily, you’re starring in Victoria’s Secret Less is More campaign. Tell me a little bit about it and what you love about it.

Lily Aldridge: I love it because it’s so classically beautiful and it shows us in a more natural light. Easy hair, less makeup, really cool beautiful pieces and it’s just more what we would wear everyday.

Q: So sort of your model off-duty style?

LA: Exactly!

Q: How can our readers adopt your less is more philosophy towards personal style?

LA: I always say less is more. People who know me and know my style know I like classic pieces. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a cute tank top. And a T-shirt bra that’s so effortlessly cool. I don’t think you can ever go wrong when you’re just effortless with your look.

Q: What are some other pieces that you tend to gravitate towards? Anything in terms of accessories?

LA: I love really dainty beautiful gold jewelry. Really thin chains are always beautiful; a classic bag. I have a The Row bag that’s just beautiful white leather and I love it. It’s very clean and easy and makes everything look really chic. For shoes I love Tabitha Simmons flats or a nice leather sandal. Then when you’re wearing jeans you can throw on pumps and make it dressier for night, sexier. That’s a great day to night look.

Q: I read somewhere that you also love leopard.

LA: [laughs] I love leopard. I just bought these beautiful Miu Miu mules yesterday. I think when you do dress kind of classic and easy you can have fun accessories like that. And you can wear sexy bras like that. Like a leopard bra underneath your white shirt. You’ll feel a little sexy and spicy.


Pieces from Victoria’s Secret’s minimalist collections

Q: When it comes to makeup what does less is more mean to you?

LA: For me, it’s all about beautiful skin. People think when they need to get made up they need to put tons of makeup on, but for me you look younger and more beautiful when you wear, you know, a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, just a little mascara, a beautiful highlighter and just keep yourself very fresh and glowy. To me, that’s the most beautiful look.

Q: Have you picked up any tips from makeup artists during your time on set on achieving that look?

LA: Using an eyelash curler instantly opens your eyes and makes them look brighter. Another thing I like doing is putting a dab of Chapstick on your cheeks so you get that kind of glowy-dewy look. And you can put that on your eyelids too. It’s really beautiful.

Q: What about in terms of your style? Is there anything you’ve learned from working with stylists over the years?

LA: Naturally, you’re around stylish people all the time and I always get so inspired by the other girls because they all have such great style. I think we play off of each other, we pick things up from each other, but I’ve always been very classic. A lot of white, black, and blue in my wardrobe.

Q: Is there an Angel whose style you’d want to steal or wardrobe you’d want to take?

LA: Honestly, all the girls have such great style and such different style. Ali has amazing beachy, California style. Candice and Behati are more East Village, New York. They have a really cool rock n’ roll vibe that I love. Doutzen has beautiful, classic taste, kind of like me. I’m inspired by them all the time.

Q: Last question: Can you tell me about a moment when you went over the top and you wish you’d gone the less is more route?

LA: I think when you first start going to events you think you have to bedazzle and wear more makeup or have bigger hair because you’re going on the red carpet. But I’ve learned slowly over the years that you don’t have to do that. Less foundation, hair pulled back, is kind of the most striking thing you can do on the red carpet. It’s kind of my go-to.

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