Amsterdam Fashion TV Proudly Presents The Stunning Creations Of Stefan Hafner – One Of The Best Jewellers In The World

Amsterdam Fashion TV is proud to present the masterpiece collection of a truly exceptional jewellery designer Stefan Hafner, highly appreciated amongst an important international clientèle for the creation of sophisticated pieces of fine jewellery. His creations will be showcased during the exclusive lifestyle event “24 hours of Elegance – Concours d’Elegance & Salon of Excellence 2014” hosted in Belgrade, Serbia.

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The guests of the event will get a chance to see and experience the captivating and expressive beauty of precious stones in the brilliant interpretation of Stefan Hafner’s jewellery designs.

The brand Stefan Hafner was founded in 1967 in Bologna, Italy. For almost half a century now, designer’s creations have been winning the most important awards in the world of jewellery. Ladies of royal families were struck with the beauty and brilliance of his jewels.

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Coming from a Swiss-Italian background, the designer managed to combine his bursting creativity and excellent Italian craftsmanship with the precision of Swiss watchmakers. Driven by his passion for beauty and art, Mr. Hafner travelled the whole world to draw the inspiration from the dreams and fantasies of women from different countries.

Stefan Hafner prides itself on retaining an formidable atelier where all of their pieces are created by the best designers, traditionally schooled goldsmiths and artisans. His style is often being referred to as the “new classic”. Characterized by the use of gold, diamonds and precious stones, Stefan Hafner’s collections are celebrated for their exquisite elegance and timeless beauty. The unique construction of the jewels is a result of constant technical experimentation, which helps translating all of the artistic fantasies into reality.

Amsterdam Fashion Tv had a big privilege of visiting Stefan Hafner’s atelier in Milan and making a shooting with the famous designer. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Mr. Hafner.

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