Why The Missoni x Converse Launch Just Might Be the Best Investment Buy of the Season

When I opened an email that said the latest Missoni x Converse collaboration is being released on Monday, I told everyone within an earshot. The brands have been working together since 2010 and have created eight different collabs, but getting to shop them at the regular price is kind of major as they have historically sold for way more than the original retail on eBay and other resale sites. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, guys.


It’s something about the intermingling of such laid-back style DNA that gets me so excited. I’ve been obsessed with the partnership since I knew it existed, but let me tell you: Shopping it isn’t as easy as going out and swiping your credit card. I’ve nabbed a pair of the black-and0white Missoni Auckland Racers before, jumping on them as soon as my size was available, but in reality they were too “athletic shoe” for me and I resold them on eBay. And I’ve long-stalked a pair of zigzag Chuck Taylors at a too-cool Manhattan sneaker store, but the price tag hovers around the $200 mark, and I’ve been able to restrain myself, sure I wouldn’t wear them enough to justify it. To make it even trickier, there seem to be more men’s pairs floating around the second-hand market than women’s, which is doable if you’re a size 9 (like me) but tricky if you’ve got daintier feet.

Now, with all styles launching exclusively on Nordstrom.com on Monday for between $85 and $100, I’m not letting them fall out of my reach (I will set an alarm clock if need be).






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