The 6 Denim Essentials Every Woman Should Own

We may have one more month left in summer, but pretty soon you’re going to have to start thinking about fall outfits. And what’s a bigger fall wardrobe workhorse than denim? Audit your closet to see if you own these jean essentials, and if not, consider adding them to your fall shopping list.

Skinny light blue jeans: These work across seasons and occasions. For casual times, pair them with cool striped tops and of-the-moment sneakers. Take them to the next level with blazers, button-down blouses, and pumps.

White jeans: A well-fitting pair of white jeans may be your wardrobe’s Moby Dick, but once you capture them, you’ll be so happy. Expert tips: Look for pairs that are cut from a thicker material and have less stretch to achieve the most flattering fit.

The trouser jean: Jeans that are cut like wide-leg pants have a polished feel. Wear these to the office on casual Fridays.

A denim pencil skirt: This sophisticated take on jeans is also ideal for the office. Pair yours with silky blouses and strappy heels.

Black skinny jeans: For date nights, dancing with the girls, or times you want to feel like an all-around rocker chic, black denim will never fail you.

A denim jacket: A leather motorcycle may be too heavy for September and October, so keep a jean jacket on hand as the perfect alternative.

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