How Often Should You Be Washing Your Summer Essentials?

The laundry cycle is easy enough when you wear something, take it off, and throw it in the hamper. But the pieces that you squeeze more than one outing from can get complicated. Luckily, it’s all stuff that doesn’t require on-the-regular washing, but they still need some sudsing from time to time. Do your closet a favor and set aside just a little bit of time this weekend.


Jean shorts
Unlike skinnies, which typically start to feel baggy after enough use, cutoffs can keep going and going and going. Which is kinda awesome, but also makes it trickier to know when it’s time to wash. The accepted denim rule is after three or four wears, but I’m not judging you if your favorite pair of perfectly beat-up shorts (that have gotten better and better each time) haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine since before Memorial Day.

My summer style routine goes something like this: sunscreen, bikini, loose and floaty dress. The dress is worn on the way to my final destination, tossed over a beach chair or shoved into my tote, put on again to head home, and then taken off at home. Since I’m rarely wearing it for more than an hour at a time and often haven’t spilled a lick on it, it always feels practical to fold it and replace to where it came from. The system isn’t perfect, but it works. Still, let’s all admit: We’re past the midway point of the summer and that pretty floaty dress likely isn’t at its most ladylike.

Jean jackets
With the risk of overly air-conditioned buildings a constant threat in the summer, I find myself grabbing my denim jacket or quilted cotton zip-up on the regular. I wear it for dinner or while browsing icy supermarket aisles and hang it back up as soon as I’m home. It hasn’t seen such a beating, but by this point in the season, it’s been exposed to its fair amount of stuff. Carve out some time in the regular laundry loads to clean it.

I find myself loving, and wearing, the same bra again and again, switching it up only if an outfit requires a different color or cut. I’ve been fooling myself that my method’s OK, but I’m totally aware that lingerie etiquette says you shouldn’t go more than four wears between wash. But in the summer, if you’re outside and sweating a lot, it should be more (like after every use—eek!).

They risk suffering the same fate as your bras, with regular but not full-day wear making it so tempting to slide it back into the dresser drawer. Let’s all make a pact to sort through our drawers and remove the tees, sweats, and shorts that need to hit the rinse cycle.

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