Here’s Why Saying Goodbye to Summer Doesn’t Mean Breaking Up With Your Sunglasses

When we say goodbye to summer, it’s obvious what clothing and shoes we need to change, but there’s an important little finishing touch that requires a tweak for a perfectly tuned wardrobe: your sunglasses. Shades go hand-in-hand with summer, but they’re a a season-less accessory; depending on what’s currently in your bag, it might not be a major switch. But you with the hot pink metallic lenses? Sorry, but they’ve gotta take a break.


Susan Berryman, SEE Boutique’s vice president of marketing, confirms that neons and super brights won’t cut it for fall, but pastels and mirrored lenses can make the transition. “Soft translucent colors are so elegant. They’ll carry over into this fall, especially if they’re done in a matte finish.” If you’re considering purchasing a fresh pair for the season, look out for the biggest trends: modified round shapes and frames that mix metals and plastics.

Don’t get so excited about snapping up a new pair that you neglect to take care of the ones already in your arsenal. Show summer shades some serious T.L.C. before you store them away by wiping with a microfiber cloth and made-for-sunnies cleaning solution. I’m not talking a simple spray and wipe, either. Use some elbow grease because if your glasses look anything like mine do, they’ve seen a nasty mix of sweat, makeup, sunscreen, salt spray, and sand over the last few months. I know, gross.

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