Verdura Launches 75th Anniversary Collection

This Fall, Verdura launches its75th Anniversary Collection, celebrating 75 years of his bold, personal style.

Duke Fulco di Verdura was perhaps the most original designer of the twentieth century.  His collectors were not so much displaying their wealth as their sensitivity to beautiful designs.  Babs Simpson, Vogue Fashion Editor from 1947 to 1972, remarked, “Without question Verdura was a revolutionary, the one who changed everything. Fulco made it all modern.”

This collection celebrates his very early work which was particularly noteworthy for its dramatic departure from the status quo in jewelry design.  Ward Landrigan and Nico Landrigan, Chairman and president of Verdura, a father and son team, are the stewards of Verdura’s legacy. They have been working closely together for the past two years to create an Anniversary collection that would showcase what was different about Verdura’s style and why he was considered such a rebel.

“So many of Verdura’s best known designs date back to his opening on Fifth Avenue and those early years when he was seeing New York and its sophisticated style with fresh eyes” said Ward Landrigan.  “While these designs inspired the introduction of new styles over the years, many have never been made again in their exact likeness. We wanted to re-create jewelry that signaled a shift in the world of design and personal style.”

Nico Landrigan added “It is gratifying that Fulco’s vast archive of design is now considered so original and breakthrough, but it is even more amazing to learn that his genius was immediately recognized at the time it was seen. We have discovered many early references in the press noting his pivotal role in changing the perception of how fine jewelry can be designed. He opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities and inspired so many others.”

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