Shark Week Style: Toothy Jewelry You’ll Actually Want to Wear

What with all the blood and aggression, it can seem like Shark Week was made for the boys, but, ahem, would there be such stellar shark-tooth jewelry if it wasn’t a total unisex interest? The official week might come around only once every 12 months, but with the right jewelry you can live it 365 days a year. Banish thoughts of clunky necklaces on heavy cording (circa elementary school) because there’s so much out there that’s dainty and girly.

The surest way to offset the tough side of a tooth? Adding it on a string of pearls.
House of Harlow Shark Tooth Bracelet, $25,

Chunky shark-tooth necklaces were the first to make a major statement, but now I find a daintier take on it more refreshing.
Poupette Baby Shark Tooth Necklace, $505,

Ear cuffs always feel tougher than studs, but when it’s a line of teeth, it’s super edgy. Like, super.
Nasty Gal Ear Cuff Set, $18,

Enamel and gold make for a luxurious-looking combination, even when we’re talking about the teeth of terrifying sea creatures.
Dara Ettinger Shark Teeth Twist Bracelet, $120,

Bubble-gum-pink enamel can, shockingly, make a shark attack sound downright cheerful.
Venessa Arizaga Mini Sharky Ring, $195,

Finding a shark tooth on the beach during spring break was cool, but an actual tooth dipped in gold? Way cooler.
Charlene K. Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace, $98,


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