6 Minutes With Angela Simmons: Rev Run’s Daughter Shares Comfortable-Shoe Secrets, Her Fave Red Lipstick, and BBQ Style Tips

You may remember her from MTV’s smash show Rev’s House, but Angela Simmons is way past that. I caught up with the style maven at the Heineken Friends + Family BBQ to get her end-of-summer barbecue style, pick her brain on finding comfy shoes, and chat about her surprisingly low-maintenance beauty routine.


Q: We’re at a barbecue today so let’s talk barbecue fashion and music! What’s your go-to barbecue outfit?

Angela Simmons: I don’t know, I think it’s important to be comfortable at barbecue, you know what I mean? It’s important to mix up your style. I like color, that’s why I’m in color today.

Q: I see! Who is that top by?

AS: I’d be lying if I told you the name—my stylist always pulls some really cool stuff and we try cool new designers. But, yeah, I think it’s important to be comfortable and cute at the same time. [Editor’s note: Angela was wearing a Muehleder Karoline scuba top, H&M jeans, and Kandee Doll studded pumps.]

Q: Yeah! So does that usually mean shorts and a cute top? I mean, you have on sick high heels today.

AS: But they’re comfortable! I’m not wearing uncomfortable heels to a barbecue. They’re Kandee, this cool brand that’s overseas. They have really cool, different, colorful shoes.

Q: Who are some of your other favorite shoe brands and designers?

AS: Hmm, I’m trying to think of what’s in my closet. I mean, I mix it up. Saint Laurent, Chanel has really cute boots and heels. I just became a really big fan of Valentino because they’re super comfortable and they’re super-cute.

Q: You seem to know about comfort when it comes to shoes!

AS: You know what, maybe I just break in shoes super easily? After I wear them the first two times I’m good. I can run in them like sneakers!

Q: Do you have a trick for breaking in shoes?

AS: Just wear ‘em [laughs].

Q: Easier said than done! But I have heard the Valentino Rockstuds are very comfy.

AS: OMG You don’t even have to break them in. Just put them on and it’s like let’s go! I have the wine ones and now I think I need some neon green ones.

Q: Seriously! When it comes to barbecue music what are you listening to?

AS: I like music you can dance to. You might call me old-school but if you have a barbecue and you put on the Electric Slide or the Cha Cha Slide I’d be happy. I think it’s important to mix in what’s cool —Nicki Minaj and Drake—but I definitely like old school stuff that’s going to make you feel good, you know what I mean?

Q: Do you have a song you’re listening to on repeat this summer?

AS: I just started listening to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda a lot and Drake’s 0-100.

Q: Love those. Switiching gears from the end of summer and into fall fashion, are there any trends you’re looking forward to trying?

AS: The schoolgirl trend! I think it’s back pretty heavy. The knee-highs, the cute skirts, the sweaters, and the little polos underneath; I feel like that’s where fashion is going right now.

Q: Awesome. Last question: As someone who travels often, what’s your beautry routine like when you’re on the move? Any must-have brands?

AS: I’m a simple person. When I do my own makeup—if I do my own makeup—just give me mascara, bronzer, blush, and a red lip. I don’t even put on foundation, I don’t have time.

Q: Do you have a favorite red lipstick?

AS: My makeup artist Angel Cherry has a great lipstick in her collection, Void. Also, MAC has good ones. Chanel had the perfect red but they discontinued it. It’s over now. I just go and scrape up what I can get from my old tube.

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