Expert Tips On How To Clean Suede—And The 26 Most Chic Suede Pieces For Fall


Few textiles make me quite as excited for fall as suede (and faux suede, of course!). Why, you ask? My main theory revolves around its utter absence from the summer scene. It’s not exactly heat-friendly, so it becomes sadly relegated to the back of the closet for a few sticky months. Come August, I look towards fall longingly, knowing I will soon be reunited with my favorite suede pieces. Also, as trends go, it’s pretty damn awesome. But cleaning suede…that’s a trickier topic that we’ll broach later on.

My love story could continue forever, but I’ve chosen my favorite four points to share with you, in an effort to convince you to run (sprint!) to the nearest store to stock up on one of our fall favorites.

First, let’s talk about fit. Suede is totally flattering. It’s thick enough to hide any of your insecurities and fluid enough to fall just so on your body, accentuating your favorite features.

Second, you will never find more saturated colors than those in suede. Whether you’re looking for the deepest black, richest burgundy, or brightest blue, color seeps into (and radiates out of) suede in a way that can’t be beat.

Third, if the fit is right, anything works in suede. Boxy tops, a-line skirts, waist-defining dresses, and skinny pants — the list goes on. Probably best not to wear them all together, but mix and match your suede pieces with your favorite fall separates for serious outfit envy!

Lastly, as a bonus, there are few other trends I can totally get behind for a sexy date-night outfit as well as a polished office look (points for my favorite fall fabric!) Channel Derek Lam’s preppy suede looks for daytime, while you should take a cue from Monique Lhuillier or Marissa Webb for your after-hours style.

Now, I concede that wearing suede is often as nerve-wracking as wearing white. The constant worry of what you may spill on your favorite garment that will ruin it forever, or the paralyzing fear of getting caught in the rain are enough to make you hesitate before getting dressed in the morning.

Don’t agonize a moment longer, though. Buy a great suede spray to protect you from the common elements and arm yourself with a good suede brush for any dry stains that may adhere to the material. If you do spill something, though, act quickly—stains will seep into the fabric just as well as the dye that originally colored it. It may seem crazy, but follow my three most favorite cleaning tips: clean dry stains with a brown gum artist eraser, beverage stains with a bit of white vinegar (not too much!), and grease stains with baking powder. And when all else fails…

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